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​​​​​​​Introduced to encourage regular entries, and support club day racers.

  • To be eligible to earn points for the Annual Points Series, the competitor must be a member of Kartsport Manawatu, at the time of attending the club day, to gain points.
  • To earn points, you must compete on the club day.  
  • Competitor must complete a minimum of four club days to be eligible for a trophy in the Annual Points Series
  • GP’s are not included as part of the Annual Points Series.


  • Points are allocated based on the confirmed results for the day, each class contesting the round as follows:
    • CIK Format Club Days, Points will be awarded as per the final placing in the Final.  The club may decide to award points for the Pre-Final and Final (double points).  This will be advised on the entry form for the club day.
  • Final Placing at Round: 1st= 50 points, 2nd = 48 points, 3rd= 47 points, 4th = 46 Points, 5th = 45 points etc.
  • The competitor with the highest points at the end of the November Club Day wins the class.  Trophy’s and prizes will be awarded at the December Prizegiving.
  • Junior age group drivers, who change classes through the year can take 50% of their accumulated points through to the next class. (ie Cadet to VMR)
  • Senior karters earn points in each class they enter in and can earn points in two classes, but can't transfer points if classes are being competed in at the same time.

Any questions regarding annual points, please - email admin@kartsportmanawatu.org.nz