Track Access

To use our Track you must be a member of Kartsport Manawatu, or an affiliated Kartsport New Zealand Club and hold a Kartsport New Zealand Competition, Practice, or Vintage License.

Track Access  is additional to your KartSport Manawatu Membership. The fee will allow you access to the track (excluding Tuesdays).

There are two options for track access. Please use the 'Track Access Form' to select your preference.

1 Year – $195.00

6 Months – $120.00

If you are after occasional use, please use the 'One off Track Access' form each time you wish to use the track and allow 3 days before you need access.

Kartsport Manawatu member casual fee: $30.00

Kartsport New Zealand affiliated Club: $60.00

​​​​​​​Group Rate: Contact for a rate

Kartsport Manawatu members track access. 

Unlimited use one year - select here


For Occasional Use - please complete the One Off Track Access each time you wish to use the track  

Please allow 3 days for your track access to be approved. 

This is not an automatic process.