** TRACK CLOSED for maintenance 20 to 29th July **

Track Hours / Practice Rules

Track Hours

The Track is closed on Tuesdays. 

Winter: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Daylight Saving: 9.00am - 6.00pm

Failure to adhere to these times could result in suspension from the club

Practice Day Procedure

If a member is found to breach any of the practice rules, their track access will be suspended

  1. You must be a member of Kartsport Manawatu or Affiliated Kartsport New Zealand (KSNZ) Club and hold a Kartsport New Zealand Competition or Practice License.  
  2. All members should be able to produce a current membership identification card on request by a Club official.
  3. All karts MUST comply with KSNZ rules and travel around the circuit in the main direction (anti-clockwise). Reverse direction practice may only be held the day immediately preceding a reverse direction race day. For this day practice will only be in the reverse direction (clockwise).
  4. Driver must be correctly clothed for practice and racing. Approved crash helmet, driving suit, gloves and footwear.
  5. All karts must comply with Kartsport NZ noise regulations and have approved airboxes fitted.
  6. Mixed age group practice sessions are not permitted.
    All senior classes can practice together. 
    Juniors must practice separately (aged 12 to 16yrs).
    Junior Clubsport must practice separately
    Vortex Mini Rok must practice separately (aged 10 to 14yrs).
    Cadets must practice separately (aged 6 to 12yrs). 
  7. 10 minute sessions only (this is from the time the first kart leaves)
  8. X-Platers or new racers to start at the rear of the grid
  9. Drivers must indicate with a hand signal when pulling off the track. Driving in this pit is not allowed.  Entering the pits via the dummy grid is not allowed
  10. Karts are to be pushed well clear of the circuit if a break down occurs. Karts may not be worked on at trackside.
  11. Motor vehicles are not allowed in the pits except for drop off and pick up.
  12. Please ensure your pit space is tidy when vacating. Drivers are responsible for the actions of their pit crew.
  13. Enjoy your outing.

Keeping the track clean

Please keep the pits clear of rubbish and discarded parts by using the rubbish bins provided and if fuel is spilled on the asphalt please clean it as soon as possible before it dissolves the asphalt. The clubhouse should be kept in a reasonable state. We ask for your cooperation.