** TRACK CLOSED for maintenance 20 to 29th July **

Pit Shelters / Concrete Pit Sites

Pit Shelters and Concrete Pit Sites are leased by Kartsport Manawatu Members, do not pit on these sites without prior authorisation. 

To pit on these sites you need to contact the leaseholder to ensure they aren't going to be using it for the day.

Site leases run from 1 July - 30 June.  Currently all concrete pit-sites are leased.

They are allocated at the discretion of the committee and you must be a financial member of Kartsport Manawatu to lease a pit site. 

If you wish to go on the waiting list for the next available site email accounts@kartsportmanawatu.org.nz.

Pit Shelters are available for lease.​​​​​​​

C1 - Rachael BurtC11 - PN AutomotiveG22 - Available for Lease
C2 - Chris RennieC12 - Adam BellamyG23 - Available for Lease
C3 - Andrew CranstonC13 - Andy PocockG24 - Available for Lease
C4 - Brendon HartC14 - Andrew HoareG25 - Available for Lease
C5 - Neeraj LalaC15 - Richard HolmesG26 - Available for Lease
C6 - Clint BeaumontC16 - Shaun JamiesonG27 - Available for Lease
C7 - Derek HaggertyC17 - Gordon CraigG28 - Available for Lease
C7A - John PaddyC18 - Lance ShearmanG29 - Available for Lease
G8 - Todd PhillipsC19 - Greg BennettG30 - 
C9A - John WallaceC20 - Logan Howard
C9B - Cameron JackC21 - 
C10A - Higgins

C10B - Higgins