So you’ve decided to go Karting!

There is lots of electronic paperwork to get through, but once you have all your  memberships and licenses, you only have to renew yearly.

Step 1 – Membership

Get your membership to Kartsport Manawatu  CLICK HERE

When you have completed your form, to retrieve your membership card, please download the Sporty App from the Apple or Google store.  Open that app, and select Kart Sport Manawatu as your club.  Further down, select PhotoCard, and enter the information requested.  Once you membership has been confirmed, your digital membership card will appear.

Step 2 – License

Kartsport New Zealand License  CLICK HERE

To hold a Kartsport New Zealand License, you must be a member of a Kartsport New Zealand affiliated club.  KSNZ have access to our membership database, and will be able to see that you are a member.

Competition License – If you are intending to race on club days then get this license

Practise License – For those getting started, and those that don’t intend to do club days.

Step 3 – Track Access

Track Access CLICK HERE

Track Access is only available to those who are members of Kartsport Manawatu.  Track Access allows you to use the track during opening hours, when there are no events on.

Step 4 – Practice

Head down to the track and go round and round.  At the track, be sure to follow track practice rules, respect other karters, if you have any questions ask around.

Step 5 – Come to Club Day

First Club Days can be a bit daunting

  • Ensure your kart is up to all Kartsport New Zealand requirements.
  • Enter Online
  • Turn up with time to have your kart scrutineered and gear checked
  • Once you have set your site up, Confirm your entry, tell the girls it’s your first club day and they will direct you where you need to go.
  • Have fun, and enjoy your day.